quinta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2009

TAKE A BREAK (life is funky)

(Lisboa 2003)

It's like me and my car
we both have no comercial value anymore
but she still rolls up&down the street
and I still rock on this steady beat

I am broke but i am rich
I don't care if there's no meat
there's something else I like to eat

I like rhymes as a style of speach
to reach that part of heart
where poetry flows
toghether with rythm and art

so take a break yo!
wouldn't it be nice to stop thinking about
all your past troubles and your future plans?
just think about now

are you going through a rough time?
remember: life's funky and you go up and down the line
there's no reason to complain
you always have something to gain
learn what you got to learn
no money but love
is what you earn

so let it flow, let yourself go
slow and low, that's the tempo (Beastie Boys)
let it flow, let the vibe grow
let it come down, down to your heart

cos life is funky
I feel it and I have it all over

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